Chemists of the Ural Federal University have developed the technology of waste processing that gives new life vtorsyrja. In particular, they learned how to use it to obtain alcohol and other substances used in medicine.

the Technology uses compounds based on alumina, which are able to process cellulose of plants and chitin (made the shells of crawfish, the skeleton of insects). While its constituent enzymes, known as accelerators of chemical reactions in the digestive system, can be used repeatedly until they exhaust their activity.

Engineers-researchers of the laboratory of organic synthesis Tambasova Daria and Polina Lobakina and Professor Elena Kovaleva note that toxic substances like alkalis and acids they in production are not taken, making the recycling process and its result does not harm the environment.

– Alcohol derived from wood pulp, does not contain harmful impurities and can be used as biofuels and for medical purposes. As a result of the processing goes chitin glucosamine – a drug, is useful for joints. Our system can be used for processing of household waste with a content of organic impurities, it is safe, in contrast to combustion technology, – says Daria Tambasova.

due to the possibility of multiple usage of the same materials compounds the technology is fairly economical. Chemists have developed on the grant of the Russian Foundation for basic research, at the moment it is unique.