U.S. Secretary of state Mike Pompeo said that China should not be allowed to treat the waters of the South China sea (SCS) as part of their Empire. A message he posted in his Twitter account.

According to Pompeo, the United States supports the principle of resolving conflicts in the South China sea based on international law, including the UN Convention on the law of the sea. He also said that in the near future the U.S. will make a further statement on the subject.

His message the Secretary of state has endorsed the joint statement of the ASEAN countries, adopted at the end of the 36th summit of the organization. In this document they expressed concern about rising tensions in the region and called upon to settle disputes based on international law.

Earlier, the us military suspected that China is using the pandemic coronavirus as a cover for intensifying its territorial claims in the South China sea. According to them, since the beginning of the epidemic in the world, new infections in the region has seen a surge of activity of the Chinese Navy. In particular, in the waters, which are claimed by Beijing, more and more I notice the Chinese warships and coastguard vessels which pursue there appear vessels from other countries.