a Closed report could alarm U.S. senators. The subject was unidentified flying objects. Parliamentarians were given information about the “flying saucers”. Now they require the Pentagon to provide an unclassified report on what it is.

A report from the Pentagon requested the U.S. Senate Committee on intelligence. This happened after a closed-door meeting with some experts who said some “disturbing information”.

“This is a long overdue development” — these words commented on the incident Nick Pope.

He previously worked in the Department for the study of UFOs in the British Ministry of defense:

“This suggests that those senators kotoyre received last year a secret report on UFOs was concerned about them. They did not satisfy the current statement of the Pentagon”.

The theme of “flying saucers” for a long time excites Americans. In the US there is a secret facility called “Area 51”. It is believed that there is the Pentagon hiding space objects, so carefully guarding this base.

The Pentagon has officially published a video of a UFO

According to U.S. media, the senators acknowledged UFO security threat. Therefore, asked the Pentagon to provide all that is known about "flying saucers".

Some time ago Donald trump said that he has interesting information about UFOs. And the Pentagon has published official video with the flight of the "flying saucers".