The UK government has developed a contingency plan in the event of the death of Prime Minister Boris Johnson when he fought for life with the coronavirus. This in an exclusive interview to the newspaper The Sun said he told Johnson.

Authorities were preparing for the worst-case scenario when he was in intensive care and the doctors were not sure of the outcome. The doctor was also prepared to state for the record that the Prime Minister died as a result of infection with coronavirus.

In an interview the Prime Minister spoke in detail about their experiences of combating the disease.

“it Was hard to believe that just a few days my condition deteriorated to such a limit. I remember the feeling of disappointment. I couldn’t understand why I am not getting better,” he said.

He added that he gave “liters and liters of oxygen” to sustain life.

April 27, Johnson returned to his duties as Prime Minister a month later, after he had contracted the coronavirus. Treatment policies was held in St. Thomas’s hospital, where he was three nights spent in intensive care.

He also named his son in honor of the two doctors who saved his life. The newborn name is Wilfred Lowry Nicholas Johnson.