the Construction of educational institutions and the introduction of new training places under the programme in the region were discussed at the meeting of the Presidium of the regional government, chaired by Governor Alexander moor.

During the meeting the Deputy head of region, head of area Sergey Shustov said that under the program in the region is planned to build 31 schools, 1 226 416 educational and preschool institutions. 14 schools that will be built are in remote areas.

18 buildings will be capital, and 13 objects built from modular structures. In the construction of buildings in some small towns facilities are provided for accommodation of 15 obstetric units.

For the reorganization of the network of educational institutions is necessary to make rational decisions. Thanks to the decision on the transfer of four students from the village of Tobolsk district Varmahli for teaching in a new school building in the village Laytamak the construction of a new school building in the village became impractical.

according to Sergey Shustov, according to the beginning of July, the region began the construction of 5 schools, 15 institutions preparing projects. Other objects are carried out competitive procedures on performance of construction and installation works are conducted by state examination of design and estimate documentation.

By the beginning of the new academic year, builders plan to hand over primary school in the village of Tobolsk district Yepanchin. Three schools on 84 training and 47 pre-school places will be available before the end of the year in the village of Indere, the village of Kurya, and the village of kas’yanovo Vagayskaya district. For 2021-2022 years in the Tyumen region to build 27 schools in the capital and unit performance.