Recall: one of the important decisions was the signing of a decree about the opening of cafes and restaurants. The food service industry is one of the most severely affected, because from 18 March, all the companies wasn’t working. The order about the beginning of work of public catering establishments in the Tyumen region the head of region Alexander Moore signed after the live broadcast.

changes have Been made in the mode of operation and in other sectors of the economy. The people of the region for a long time asked me to open the bath. Appeals were heard: the Governor was allowed to work bathing and improving complexes. An important requirement is that they must comply with security measures, to have a means of sanitary treatment and to monitor compliance with social distance.

Usually in the summer – in the midst of wedding time. Until recently, registration of marriage in the registry office it was possible to invite a maximum of four people. The head of region has signed a decree according to which the number of participants of the ceremony of marriage registration increased to ten people.

the Changes were made and the sport. Mass events still are planned. Now, however, allowed the training of athletes who are residents of the Tyumen region and included in the lineups of teams (regional and national) on various sports. Also allowed training on programs of additional education and sports training, physical education at the place of residence and recreation, sports and leisure venues.

Answering the questions of citizens, the Governor Alexander moor said that regional assistance was offered to residents over 65 years of age during the strict regime of isolation. For these purposes from the regional budget allocated 1.5 billion rubles. During the pandemic in the region have adopted a large support package, because people could not work. Now the economy is recovering, and companies have resumed almost 100 percent.

Citizens had paid 2000 rubles, because they were forced to stay at home, could not travel due to blocking of the transport cards. In July, the region has begun to remove the restrictions, maps unblocked, older residents began to travel by public transport.

Judging by the number of registered trips, the city residents are over 65 years of age fail to comply with isolation, – said the head of the region. Accounts on the maps is almost entirely spent on the trip. While daily monitor statistics for a sick person. A large part of the infected people of retirement age. Take care of yourself and stay home! On the resumption of payments for 2000 rubles will report after August 16.