VORONEZH, may 2 – RIA Novosti. Coronavirus infection has been confirmed during the day in 54 patients in the Tambov region, among the infected girls of two and five years, according to the regional administration.

“Fifty-four new cases of the disease today. Among them: 17 men, 34 women, 3 minors (girls 2, 5, 17). Adults age 22 to 72 years. Nine came from other regions, 1 arrived from Tajikistan, 44 contact with coming from other regions”, – stated in the message.

Authorities say that all patients feel well.

Hospitalized at 275, 148 have the diagnosis confirmed, the 47 – suspicious 15 – negative diagnosis, and in 65 tests at work. Of the hospitalized in 101 human pneumonia.

“the Number of quarantined at home under medical supervision – 1800 (of them confirmed cases – 469, they are included in the total number). Removed from observation at home – 2755. Discharged from hospitals – 169. All the examined persons – 4999”, – informs the regional administration.

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