The Governor of Sverdlovsk region Yevgeny Kuyvashev has decided to extend the quarantine until July 13.

Many have already resumed their activities, operate enterprises, and many shops, cafes and restaurants opened in the summer terraces. It is possible to completely abandon the restrictions, we can’t — you see that every day we fix more than 200 new cases of coronavirus infections — wrote the Kuyvashev.

He urged residents of the region to comply with all possible measures that were introduced to protect the health.

Quarantine in Sverdlovsk region is extended for the third consecutive week. Was previously enabled stores with a separate entrance with an area of 800 square meters, driving schools, libraries, summer patio, organizations of recreation for children.

In the region there is a regime of isolation for people over 65 years, in shopping centers there are only individual shops, cafes and restaurants serve customers on the summer terrace and take orders “to go”. wrote that a day was revealed 6611 new cases of infection with coronavirus infection in 85 regions of the country. From 1970 new cases of the disease without clinical manifestations. Since the beginning of the pandemic in Russia, the coronavirus has infected 687 862 people.

During the day, 135 people died from the coronavirus, the total number of victims of the pandemic were 10 296. In the last 24 hours cured 3579 patients, total recovery hospital for all the time prescribed 454 329 Russians.