A policewoman and four police officers have been suspended from duty in the US state of Tennessee because they regularly engaged in sexual intercourse on the job. Investigations are underway against three other officers from the district in the small town of La Vergne.

Maegan Hall, who only started her job as a police officer in 2021, and her colleagues were involved in wild sex escapades, including sending dirty photos and taking off their tops at a hot tub party, according to WCTV.

In addition, Hall is said to have had oral sex with two officers at the La Vergne police station, as reported by the US television station.

Mayor Jason Cole was notified in mid-December 2022 that a female police officer had sex with multiple male co-workers. Investigations were then immediately initiated. According to information from “WCTV”, all five suspects have now admitted their pleasure during work.

“This is a very difficult situation for us, the department and the whole city,” said La Vergne’s police chief and continued: “I would like to emphasize that these actions in no way reflect the entire police department. We will work it out internally and look for solutions.”