In the state Duma told about the compensation of tourists for tours

He noted that the state Duma of March 31, intends to adopt a law on assistance to business and a number of industries on the background of the coronavirus. It is prohibited to travel to the country, where a state of emergency or a dangerous situation. Fund the personal responsibility of tour operators will be “printed” in order for the money to take out the remaining overseas compatriots, said Degtyarev.

Photo: iStock Sochi Authorities told about the situation with the tourists at the resort

– there is Also a clause stating that all the tourists that have previously bought vouchers and abroad, including in Russia, will receive one hundred percent compensation and return the money – said the MP. – None of the tour operators will have the right to withhold the funds after the adoption of the law this week.

He cited data that abroad there are about 50 thousand tourists from Russia. Last week was taken out 15 thousand tourists.

Photo: AP Photo/Thibault Camus losses of the global tourism industry in 2020 reached a trillion dollars

Now the state will help out, but continue to support tourism should be reconsidered, says Degtyarev. He believes that the industry needs reform and needs to be refocused primarily on the development of domestic tourism.

– tourism must exist on other terms, these terms will speak after the finishGSI pandemic, he said. – All resources should be thrown at the construction of our resorts, our resorts, infrastructure, the opening of new routes, the renewal of fleets, bus fleet, etc.