In the state Duma there was a scandal because of the American citizenship MP

At the meeting, state Duma speaker Vyacheslav Volodin instructed to check the rumors about the presence of American citizenship at the Deputy from the Communist party faction Denis Parfenov. Parfenov says that the other nationality, except Russia, had not, and the test – “the answer is the house leadership,” the criticism’s simplified to the limit of making procedure of anti-crisis laws.

At the beginning of the plenary session on 17 April revealed that the total is 321, the Deputy head of the Committee on rules and organization of work of the Duma Olga Savastianova explained that 129 people absent for legitimate reasons, including due to health. LDPR leader Vladimir Zhirinovsky found it necessary to declare that “alive”, so to speak, sitting only two leaders of the Duma factions of four – he and Sergey Neverov (“United Russia”). But the speaker said: Gennady Zyuganov (Communist party) and Sergei Mironov (“CP”) in the Duma, watching the meeting from their offices.

by the Way, in recent weeks in the courtroom because of security reasons (to prevent mass infection, if suddenly someone will be sick) disabled air-conditioning, and after two hours of work gets quite stuffy – especially “zadnekamernye”…

During the discussion of agenda Sergey Ivanov (LDPR) asked whether he was still, as it was on all the latest “plenary”, when discussing the first reading of the priority bills (those related to anti-crisis measures) ask the speakers questions MPs can’t. The speaker replied that indeed, “in the framework of agreements, dostepnych the Council of the Duma”, when considering bills in the first reading speeches of political factions to justify their position is not assumed. As in the second and third readings – “we agreed that the performances here are not required,” said the speaker.

Questions to the representatives of the government and specialized committees, which sometimes help to clarify important nuances, as practice has shown, it is not intended too. The setting is this: everything is discussed thoroughly in the relevant committees, and work there.

the Council of the Duma decisions are made by votes of the speaker and Deputy speakers of all factions and faction leaders. If the decision is made – so it was supported by the leaders of the Communist party, “SR” and LDPR. That is, to replace the so-called “Crimean consensus” is the unanimous support of all factions of the state Duma key policy initiatives important for the Kremlin, now came the so-called “coronavirus consensus” is unanimous and unconditional public support of anti-crisis measures proposed by the President and the government.

“Although, I see here some of our colleagues write… a colleague Parfenov (Dennis, Communist “MK”.) writes in the American social network,” suddenly continued the review of Mr. In��Lodin. Someone from the audience something shouted, and the speaker immediately responded: “the American?”, and instructed “to check since this proposal was made”, Mr. Parfenov on the subject of having a second citizenship, because “anything can happen”. “If this is found, you know what this means”,- said the speaker.

the Law has long prohibited the state Duma deputies and candidates for deputies of the state Duma have the nationality of any other state, except Russia – and a residence permit in any other state. If such a fact comes out to the violator of the ban face a loss of mandate.

Denis Parfenov, which is “MK” managed to reach, laughingly denied the fact that he had any foreign citizenship. And suggested that “the leadership of the Duma just decided to answer his statement in social networks with criticism accelerated and without debate the adoption of important laws”. By words g-on Parfyonov, he places his comments not only in foreign Facebook, but in the fact that neither is the Russian “Vkontakte”. And generally – if to verify the rumors that he has U.S. citizenship, then “it is necessary to check the rumors that have 39 deputies have foreign citizenship or residence permit”.

At the end of the meeting, which lasted about two hours, Sergei Ivanov (LDPR) back to this topic. “We do not check the anonymous statements,” he recalled. “If the Deputy (yelled from the audience that Parfenov – American – “MK”) said this will be his appeal, which will be signed,” – said the speaker. Noting, however, that “oral treatment” can become the basis for different sort orders.

Whose was it “oral treatment”, and what exactly the Committee or the Commission have decided to give the instruction is not yet known.