In the state Duma has proposed to reduce petrol prices due to reduction in price of oil

the Proposal he made on the background of falling of cost of oil on international markets. Brent crude lost per week 19% since the beginning of the collapse in March – 40%.

In these conditions it is expedient to reduce the price of fuel at the Russian gas stations, the MP said, quoted by RIA Novosti. However, he made a reservation, “I know that the Correlation prices of fuel at petrol stations and raw materials, which is sold on the stock exchanges, is a different story.”

Photo: Mikhail Metzel/TASS Putin drew attention to the increase in gasoline prices

However, if you reduce the price of fuel, it is possible to support the population in the fall of the ruble. Because such a step would reduce the cost of transport logistics and, therefore, can stop the price of food.

Business must be socially responsible in this difficult time for the whole world, – said Sheremet.

He expects that the reduced cost of fuel can be a subject of negotiations of the authorities with the traders.

Why gasoline prices in Russia do not depend on quotes reftised ordered compensation for moral damages for bad gasoline