the Words of the commander of the naval forces of Ukraine Alexey Neiipp that Kiev is preparing full-scale military confrontation with Moscow, are a direct provocation against Russia. This was stated by member of the state Duma Committee on international Affairs Sergei Zheleznyak.

Earlier Neiipp, making a statement about a warning that Ukraine intends to return to the Crimea. He mentioned the Ukrainian missile complex “Neptune”, which is able to get to Sevastopol.

“the Ukrainian generals clearly baked the head, once they began to openly declare readiness to fight with Russia, – said ironically Zheleznyak, commenting on the journalists. – Square warriors continues to haunt the possibility of the return of the Crimea. They will have to temper his zeal”.

the Deputy emphasized that Crimea was and will remain part of the Russian Federation, which is able to protect its territory and citizens.

he Also expressed confidence that Russia never was and never will be the initiator of the confrontation. “We respect the sovereignty of other States and demand respect for our national interests – said Zheleznyak. – The Ukrainian politicians actually announce its latest provocation in the eyes of the world community.”

Even deciding on some new illegal step, Kiev is trying to present Russia “as the aggressor and the suppressor of freedom”, no doubt the MP. “The policy of official Kiev is provoking a conflict with Russia and rocking new wave of Russophobia in Western society,” he concluded.