In the state Duma a law prohibiting unwarranted blocking of account

the Draft amendment on article 7 of the law №115-FZ, the government submitted to the state Duma.

According to the AML / CFT law, the Bank should reject the transaction or to terminate the contract account, if the customer do not have some kind of proof of his good faith, or if there is reason to suspect that the transaction is to launder criminal proceeds or financing of terrorism. The banks by law are not required to explain what motivated the decision.

“as a result can suffer are ordinary citizens who will lose access to their money, and honest business that can’t pay their suppliers or contractors to pay staff salaries and make other operations,” said Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin.

Previously the Bank of Russia in the guidelines pointed to the need for banks to explain the causes of failures so that customers could use the mechanism of rehabilitation. Information about failures related to high-risk operations, banks submit to the Federal financial monitoring service and the objectors join the Bank “black lists” of customers that require greater attention from all banks. These lists, the Bank of Russia regularly sends all the credit card companies.