It’s early February. The “veganuary” (a play on words between “vegan” and “January”) is over. Many people gave up animal products in January, and various companies supported this project with vegan offers in their range.

In January, Deutsche Bahn started selling a vegan currywurst in the IC and ICE on-board restaurants. The offer was announced on Twitter as follows: “Good news to start the new year: In the Veganuary you can also enjoy your currywurst vegan.”

There were a variety of reactions to the post: “I would prefer a punctual train to a vegan train,” writes one user, reflecting the opinion of other users who want more reliability. Another user proclaimed: “No one wants

Something completely different catches the eye of a user. When he saw the currywurst picture from Deutsche Bahn, he wrote: “You’ve got one on the waffle. Eat currywurst – whether vegan or not – with a spoon.”

On the other hand, there are also positive reactions. One asks directly hopefully: “Only in January or permanently?” Another user answers him: “If we eat enough of it, maybe beyond January.”

And that’s how it actually happens. Deutsche Bahn describes the vegan currywurst as a “top seller” – apparently there was high demand. From March, the vegan currywurst will be included in the “standard range of on-board restaurants”. In addition, two other vegan special offers from Veganuary will also be on sale: Chili sin Carne and vegan tarte flambée.

But nobody has to worry about their meat dishes. As a precaution, Deutsche Bahn writes: “The meat variants of the dishes will of course continue to be offered.”

Similar to Deutsche Bahn, other companies have had to deal with strong reactions to their vegan offerings. Read here about the case of a car insurer that was more than reprimanded by its customers for its vegan offer in the canteen.

You can read a fact check on the prejudices against vegan nutrition here.