The green flood has shaken up the national Council, by each other. And still the storm is not over, because in the Council of States 25 of the 46 Seats are occupied – and here, too, the Green can expect to win until the end of November with the Seat. A VIEW shows how much potential there is in the parties.

Sets the SVP in the Stöckli?

The SVP is the big loser of the elections to the national Council. You fell from 65 to 53 seats. But in the Council of States, you could increase unexpectedly. Of its five Seats, it has three on for sure. In the Aargau the seat win with Hansjörg Knecht (59) is also well on the way, after SP-has thrown candidate Cédric Wermuth (33) in the towel.

Intact chances for the SVP, also in Bern, Schwyz and Ticino. In train, however, SVP-member of the cantonal government, Heinz Tännler (59) is also likely to have a Look. The SVP could come at the end, so four to seven councillor mandates, and thus in the Parliament a total of nearly 60 seats to fill. It is and remains the strongest of the group.

SP threatens the Stöckli-shock

The day of the election was for the SP is a disappointment. You lost 2 percentage points of vote share. Prominent Councillors have been deselected. In the Stöckli three seats (AG, BL, NE) of the twelve have already been lost. In the second round of the Stöckli-shock threatens even: Even, the Former Hans Stöckli (67, BE) must tremble to the re-election. In the Canton of Vaud, a loss of seats is also conceivable.

A glimmer of hope remains for the Comrades: In the Valais and seat of profit within reach is a national councillor Mathias Reynard (32). Thanks in part to liberal supporters, such as former Federal councillor Pascal Couchepin (77), which is the about 150-year-old CVP-domination to break through. Only with a lot of luck, however, can create in the Canton of Ticino member of the Swiss Parliament Marina Carobbio (53) the Surprise.

everything Runs like clockwork, are eleven SP-seats in it. It is stupid, but only seven of us. The SP remains in Parliament with a total of 46 to 50 Seats, however, the second strongest force.

duel between FDP and CVP

For the FDP and the CVP in the Council of States elections are particularly exciting. They provide a hot duel for the third place in Parliament, regarding seats the number.

The liberals have fallen behind in the national Assembly on 29 seats. In the Council of States seat losses in the Canton of Vaud and in Ticino as well. Only in the ideal case, you can keep your twelve mandates in the small chamber. Overall, the FDP will prove so 39 to 41 seats in the Parliament.

However, the CVP is the sense of liberty on the heels. In the national Council, the Christian Democrats, while only 25 seats. However, the residue on the FDP they could make in the small chamber of the betting. If you defended all of the previous seats, and with councillor Othmar Reichmuth (55) in Schwyz, the SVP of a seat takes, the CVP of 40 mandates.

Green with record earnings

it is Already clear: The Greens will achieve in the Council of States, a new record result. With two Chosen – Mathias Zopfi (35, GL) and Céline Vara (35, NE) is the offset of the previous record.

a Total of up to six seats possible: Safe trumps the national councillors, Maya Graf (57, BL), Lisa Mazzone (31, GE) and Adèle Thorens Goumaz (47, VD). In Bern Green-President Regula Rytz (57) has good cards. The Greens will occupy in the Parliament, therefore, up to 34 seats.

With the Schaffhauser Thomas Minder (58) still has a non-Party to the Council of States. The BDP will lose after the withdrawal of state councillor Beatrice Simon (58) their only mandate. And the green liberals have painted for the second round of the sails everywhere, with 16 mandates, they continue to be represented only in the national Council.

importance to the Federal Council election

of particular importance is the result of the Council of States for the Federal Council elections. The members of the government are, namely, of the 246 National and state councillors jointly chosen – the absolute More is 124 votes.

it is Clear that SVP and FDP come together not only to a good 100 votes. But also an Eco-Alliance SP, Green, and GLP can unite in the best case, only around 100 votes. Thus, it has the CVP in the Hand, whether a green Federal Council seat at 11. December fact – or whether the Greens have yet to turn a lap of honour.