at the next online meeting was Elena Pojarkova, the General Director of Fund of assistance to development of venture investments in Samara region.

Venture Fund of the Samara region created with the support of the regional Ministry of economic development and investment. He will invest from 500 thousand to 20миллионов rubles in early-stage startups that have a strong team and development potential

– Another criterion for the selection of projects is the potential turnover of the company four or five years it should reach at least 300 million rubles. The decision to invest in the project made by the investment Committee, which consists of independent experts, private investors and representatives of venture funds, – said Elena Pojarkova.

the value of Venture Fund of the Samara region is 100 million rubles, the payback period is seven years, while there is the possibility of extension for three years.

During the broadcast of Elena Pojarkova said that the Fund invests in the project for a share in the company – typically 5 to 10 percent. The challenge is to find projects that in a few years will grow significantly, and to sell his small share of the investor following stages or Corporation. While investing in startups is possible not only from the Samara region. Search projects underway across Russia. But the important condition is that a startup needs to transfer a legal entity in Samara.

Fund Analysts consider 350 – 400 projects per year. In 2019 was reviewed 396 projects candidates for investment. And only six startups were approved by the Committee and attracted the investments of the Fund. And this is a very good result. In the rating of Russian venture company, in the preparation of which is estimated all funds and investors in the country, at the end of 2019, the Venture Fund of the Samara region took ninth place. It is the only regional Fund, included in the top ten.

In the context of a pandemic, the Fund is operating normally, investment committees are held online, in the same way accept applications from startups. In a similar way the Fund worked in the past.

– So in terms of organization of work processes, significant changes did not happen, – said Elena Pojarkova. – The number of applications had increased, and now we see more requests than before the crisis.

Any owner of a startup can fill out a form on the website of the management company of the Fund After initial screening, the startups will present their developments to the investment Committee.

– All the institutions of business support in the Samara region remain in touch with partners and investors – reminded the Executive Director of the IPA Sergey Nikitin. We have the most up to date information from the Ministry of economic development and investment Samara region. We are in constant contact with the authorities Vlas��I. We are for business and for sustainable economic development of the region.

To communicate with specialists API, which works in a mode “one window” for business, you can fill out the application form on the investment portal in Samara region. You can also write on mail IPA is conducting an online and telephone consultation (846)-375-03-05), by prior arrangement possible offline meeting.

– Dmitry Bogdanov, the Minister of economic development and investment Samara region:

– With the innovation activity is directly associated with the image and investment attractiveness of the region, and hence the growth prospects of employment and improved living standards of the population as a whole. The rate of innovation is no alternative scenario, which is why Samara regional government to actively support innovation projects, including through a venture capital Fund.