In the rules of the quarantine COVID-19 discovered a discrepancy

In Serbia (there was a first transplant) cases COVID-19 on the eve of our arrival was not at all, in Cyprus too. In Israel (stopped there for three days for Jerusalem’s sake) – 10-15 patients. All the borders in Europe are open. The world has changed…

And we are now locked in quarantine in his apartment.

4-day self-isolation.

also in Cyprus we have included something like a mode of self-isolation in the Lite version. The news of the coronavirus resembled reports from the fronts, to get to the infection Department for the return is not wanted. So I bought a couple of 70-percent alcohol lotions for hands, “snatched” one of the last packs of disposable gloves.

Photo: Sergei Kuksin Russia will increase the responsibility for violation of quarantine

With masks was difficult. Husband went to several pharmacies everywhere only shrugged, admitting that the means of protection from virus sell, primarily the elderly. In one pharmacy English speaking pharmacist gave me hope: a few days, the masks have to bring. And did not disappoint. The following morning the husband came to the pharmacy almost to the opening, there was already a small queue. However, not because there was excitement: some institutions have limited the simultaneous number of visitors. So the lines on the streets by the end of vacation already commonplace.

in General, the Cypriot authorities have been very prompt in quarantine measures for a few days closed almost everything except pharmacies, grocery stores and gas stations. Several times we saw police cars, apparently patrolling the streets in search of violators operating despite the ban.

In the stores, most people were wearing masks and gloves: all purchased large trucks to go less often. Almost everywhere was free sanitizer for hands. At the entrance to the bakery employee was carefully treatedand each visitor, additionally offering disposable gloves. The cashier handling their hands after each customer.

Photo: iStock Lawyer told me what a quarantine is different from isolation

Last days of vacation was tense: we were worried that waiting for us at home. Judging by the news feeds, waiting for something very strict. Spoiler: no.

the Airline moved the flight three days earlier, as Russia has restricted air communication with the EU. On the plane we were given notification from the operational headquarters on control and monitoring of the situation with coronavirus in Moscow. And asked to fill out questionnaires, which had to pass at the airport. In brief – who we are, where we’ve been and where they live on the territory of Russia. On arrival the aircraft went employee of the CPS – distributed disposable mask.

At the airport after passport control we waited again communication with CPS. Very friendly people dressed like in Hollywood movies about epidemics of the future (though it has become). Measured all the temperature noncontact thermometers, and then again checked all of our data.

“Be healthy!”, wished goodbye to the kind woman in the mask on the face. “And what about the isolation? What do we do next?” I asked, mentally prepared for the “come with me, please.” The employee smiled with his eyes: “And you get home there will call the “hotline”, will tell you everything”.

so then we waited for the most favorable for tourists and the most unfavorable in terms of the epidemiological situation scenario: we come home on their own, as they see fit. No one to control our movements and contacts is not going to.

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Armed with masks, gloves and alcohol for the treatment of hands, we went to the Yaroslavl station. The taxi driver did not refuse us on the trip, but he was wearing a mask. As the distance from the airport concentration masks on others decreased. In contrast to the practically deserted in quarantine Cyprus, it seemed that Moscow has not changed. Means for processing of hands for everyone disappeared from view after saying goodbye to the staff of the CPS in the airport.

Even at the Yaroslavl station husband called the “hot line” the regional Ministry of health to warn that we arrived from abroad. “No symptoms? Come, sleep, and then call your doctor yourself and children”, – said the officer.

we Arrived on Sunday. Doctor girls came on Tuesday.

I Read the news: “the state Duma Council on March 25 will meet in emergency session to discuss the amendments on deprivation of liberty for a term up to seven years and severe penalties for violation of quarantine.”

this is Probably correct. And over the road from the airport to home will also be punished? That’s just what? No symptoms does not mean that there is no disease. The incubation period COVID-19 last 14 days.

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