now, in A remarkable break-in Took. Two of the thieves were to get a fridge that had just been delivered to the buyer. On the street, because the supply chain is the coronamaatregelen in the fridge, not the inside, were allowed to wear it.

The 46-year-old Thomas and Hugo for 425 euro, a new refrigerator purchased, with Van den Borre. Saturday afternoon, at around 17 hours to convert to the suppliers of the device on the pavement in front of his house in the Rue Jean Baptiste Brabant, Namur. “The runners had warned me that I was the coronamaatregelen the unit to the inside of my apartment and had to carry it. Because of the refrigerator for more than a hundred kilos of weight and almost two meters high, was my first with my son, to bear” witness to the man.

When that didn’t work, the two went in search of something that could help them I’m quite happy with the apartment to get it. When she was less than a half an hour later, and returned home, the new refrigerator is already gone. The neighbours might have seen, how two men of the unit have charged a gray car and pulled away.

Hugo’s, has filed a complaint with the police. “Witnesses will testify that there may not be many, at the moment it is very quiet out on the streets, you know, of course, never, how, to Sudinfo. “It’s stupid, but it’s all my fault. I have had my fridge unattended and allowed to leave.”

The man ordered, in the meantime, a new fridge, though, he hopes that the theft is still being elucidated in. “I don’t believe anymore in santa Claus, but who knows… praise for 50 euros on the person who is helping me with the refrigerator.”