MOSCOW, 29 Sep – RIA Novosti. Suspension of examination and prismotrov in Russia will have a negative impact on medical organisations working in system OMS, they can receive about 50 billion rubles, follows from the analytical report “the Impact of coronavirus COVID-19 on the situation in the Russian health care”, prepared by the “Central scientific-research Institute of organization and Informatization of health” of the Ministry of health.

the Holding of all-Russian medical examination was temporarily suspended due to the spread of the coronavirus in late March.

“This decision has a negative impact on medical organisations working in system OMS, and having assigned population. The suspension of the clinical examination and screening tests may lead to a shortfall of these medical organizations about 50 billion rubles,” – said in a report published on the website of the Institute.

medical organizations of the funds receive a per capita portion on the maintenance of medical stations, if any, for the conduct of clinical examination and screening tests, and part for the performance of separately billable diagnostic tests, explained in the report.

“the incentive Payments for the first time identified cancer automatically also suspended because they are paid only for the first time identified cancer in the course of medical examination and screening tests of certain contingents of the population. This is also the reason for the shortfall in funds of medical institutions working in system OMS”, the report notes.

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