In the regions changed the mode of transport at the time of isolation: now he goes full of passengers (VIDEO)

Passengers of public transport in Volgograd and other regions of Russia faced a serious problem after the introduction of the regime of self-isolation. How notes portal in the morning and evening rush hours, the buses were Packed to capacity: the local authorities canceled the departure of buses in the daytime that was a test for the citizens of the incomplete working day.

on the Eve of the Volgograd region has stopped going trams, trolley buses and taxis. For passengers leaving only the most popular routes of the buses and taxis. After a morning of travel a rotor complained about the work of public transport and jostling at bus stops. According to them, one of the buses goes every 15 minutes, and the other jammed so that drivers forced to miss the stop.

“If we could leave in the afternoon, it did not create much fuss on the evening flights. Yesterday I called on three phones and explained his request. You will listen to us or not yet a big issue,” said a local resident. The regional transport Committee stated that the developed traffic system works without major disruptions.

In Voronezh, the number of flights transport also decreased: in the morning on routes there were 383 units of transport against the usual 1200. The interval of movement of public transport has also increased. During peak hours from 6.30 to 9.30 and 16.30 to 19.00 it is no more than 30 minutes, the rest of the time – no more than 60 minutes notes portal 36On.Ru.

“I understand that to reduce the number of routes is necessary, but not in the morning!!! The husband may not go away with stopping the “Bird market”, 105 route comes jam-Packed! People go to work, so why increase the range of motion in the morning??? In a crowded bus no mask or gloves will not help,” – wrote in the community “Typical Voronezh” the social network “Vkontakte” one of the residents of the city.

a Similar situation exists in the Rostov region: the video shot one of the locals, it is clear that the buses quite a lot of people, but people in masks where there is little. Necessary for the safety distance to 1.5 meters are also not enforced.

according to the portal “the Notebook”, due to the fact that a full quarantine in the area is not declared, many continue to commute to work. The number of transport and range of motion is markedly reduced. On the road every day produce only 200 units of transport, and they go every 20-30 minutes.