Fully completed work on 34 road construction, which was carried out in the framework of the project “Safe and quality roads” in the Penza region. This year on reconstruction of the road network the region has sent 1.9 billion rubles, of which 1.1 billion were Federal funds.

As reported in the government of Penza region, with contractors, contracts for 90 objects. Currently road works are being actively carried on 43 stations. July contractor commence works on the remaining objects. Completed the installation of asphalt covering almost 85 per cent laid in 876 thousand square meters of asphalt mix.

In 2020 in the framework of the national project “Safe and quality roads” in the region will be renovated 110 km of roads of local and regional significance. Works on pavement, install guard rails, as well as new road signs, traffic lights 12 and 30 cameras fotovideofiksatsii to prevent violations of traffic rules, – said the Governor of the Penza region Ivan Belozertsev.

In late July, is planned to deliver capital-intensive facilities as part of road construction.

In September open their doors to two new schools built in the framework of national projects “Education” and “Housing and comfortable environment”. They are raised in the most rapidly growing area of Penza city – Arbekovo and is designed for 800 and 1100 seats each.

they have everything you need for the organization of educational process: spacious and bright rooms, special equipment for conducting technology lessons for boys and girls, some computer classes, library, and counselor’s office, dance, gym with equipment and exercise equipment. Auditorium seats up to 400 people, it is equipped with screen, projector and sound system. There is a dining room with a catering Department of a full cycle. New school has a medical unit with the dentist’s office.

The surrounding area is a football field with artificial turf, two basketball and volleyball courts, play areas for children of different ages.

schools will work mugs additional education on sports, information technology and artistic and aesthetic areas. Educational institutions will be a social and cultural center of the neighborhood.

the school construction was sent to 1.5 billion rubles.

– Starting in 2016, newly built we have schools become registered. So school 1100 places in the village of Zasechnoye, Penza district was named after our fellow countryman, the poet Mikhail Lermontov. The school № 66 – the name of Viktor Stukalov, honorary citizen ��cities of Penza. Newly built school for 800 places will be named after General Vasily Glazunov, – said the Minister of education of the Penza region Alexander Voronkov.

in 2016 Penza oblast participates in the Federal program on creation of new places in educational institutions. Over the years, built seven new schools.

In the framework of the national project “Demography” for children of preschool age this year, creating 380 jobs. The planned construction of two kindergartens for 120 persons each in the neighborhood of Zarya Penza and village Defense. Another 160 will be created by the overhaul and reconstruction of existing kindergartens.

In Defense of the construction of the kindergarten started in June. For two weeks workers completed the Foundation and started construction of the first floor. The facility employs up to 140 people in two shifts. Has installed video surveillance.

– in two weeks we will complete the construction of the first floor, set ceiling and proceed to the second floor, says the developer Andrey Pchelintsev. – Work on the landscaping planned to begin in late summer, so before the cold weather everything was completed. To pass kindergarten is planned for December 2020.

One of the main tasks of the national project “Health” is to increase the availability of medical care in rural areas. In the village of Pashkovo Zemetchinskogo area ahead of schedule for the month completed installation of a modular building new outpatient clinics. The next stage is landscaping.

In the new outpatient clinic scheduled to take 25 people per shift. It will work as a General practitioner, two nurses, a dentist, pediatrician and gynecologist on schedule will arrive specialists of the regional hospital.

Medical care in the new ambulance will receive more than 1,700 residents of the nearby villages.