we are Talking about Trudeau signed the act of conclusion of the contract with the charitable organization WE are a Charity, on the distribution of Federal grants in the amount of 900 million canadian dollars (47 billion rubles) and students.

a Key reason for the prosecution of the Prime Minister in a conflict of interest was the fact that his wife, Sophie, is “an Ambassador and ally” and also one of the leading podcasts of the organization. Thus he, Justin Trudeau, in the company of his wife and his mother, Margaret, has repeatedly attend public events organized by this NGO, which has, moreover, close historical ties with the Liberal party of the Prime Minister. After signing the contract Trudeau announced that the government has no doubt that in Canada, the only Charity WE are able to effectively allocate public funds. But as it turned out, far from it.

the country has several large NGOs, is able as effectively to cope with the task. In an interview with CBC News said Ann Rosenfeld, chief editor of the online edition Hilborn. “”There are many strong, reputable charity organizations with offices across Canada, which could well implement this program. Each of them has the necessary infrastructure throughout the country, has extensive experience and wide connections with local communities,” said Rosenfeld, adding that the government’s decision has caused, to put it mildly, a slight misunderstanding in the charitable environment of the country.

the day after the Trudeau showered with criticism, the government decided to retreat, saying he will review the agreement and redirect some funds to other organizations, and the NGOs will not dispose of them directly. But it is not particularly helpful. Commissioner for the settlement of the conflict of interest Mario Dion said that an investigation will take place.

the Canadian media has also managed to get April online video conference, where one of the co-founders of WE Charity, mark Hilburger, said that the administration of the Trudeau directly appealed to him for help. Moreover, according to Kilburger, a call from the Prime Minister’s office received the next day after Trudeau announced the government’s plans to allocate a record amount of money to help students. “The Prime Minister’s office kindly called us and said, “You know that we (the government) has just made a statement, whether you are interested in helping us implement these plans?”, said Kielburger and added that, of course, “we agreed.” However later, after the recording and the unwinding of the scandal, he said that he misspoke, and the call was not from the Prime Minister’s office, and from “ordinary” civil servants.

This is the third parliamentary investigation against JHA��Tina Trudeau. In 2019 he fell under the scope of the investigation in the “case SNC Lavalin” when the ethics Commission came to the conclusion that the Prime Minister has broken the law on conflict of interests. Then he directly and through his subordinates exerted pressure on the Minister of justice and attorney General Jody Wilson-Raybould. And another time, three years earlier, when Trudeau’s family took up the invitation from billionaire Karim Aga Khan visit in his private jet to his private island in the Caribbean. Then the Commission also came to the conclusion that the Prime Minister broke the law because he knew about the formal relationship of the entrepreneur of the Aga Khan with the canadian government.