From February to March was held working meetings with heads of municipal formations of Orenburg region. The main goal that we pursued was to establish a register of investment sites. In fact, we have traveled to 39 of the municipal formations of the Orenburg region, made an inventory of unused land, production areas, buildings and constructions, separate premises, – says the General Director of Corporation of development of the Orenburg region Ignat roosters.

Each investment area is a property with a refined formal status and possible purposes of use. For example, this could be a plot for construction of a facility or for agriculture. This takes into account the possibility of providing electricity, heat, gas and water supply, wastewater collection. Also for the assessment of the investment area is taken into account its location, area, availability of labor and vocational training, distance transport infrastructure. The combination of these parameters determines the quality and potential of the site. It can be designed as a large investor and small and medium-sized businesses.

Information about all the venues available to the public on the investment portal of the Orenburg region, which will soon be presented to the regional development Corporation.

As described in the Corporation’s Orenburg region, the portal is made so that everything was easily visible. Information about investment sites placed in the appropriate section on the virtual map of the region, you can in real time read a detailed description of any specific area.

In each of the districts of the region marked in the list available for the development of real estate, as well as comprehensive information on them. Specify not only the purpose of use of land, but also the presence of natural resources, distance in kilometers from airport, Railways and highways, communication on-site and their estimated capacity population and people of working age. Here you can download scheme of technological connection to the grid, the scheme of gas supply and regional development programme of the electricity supply. Provided direct contacts for those responsible in the municipality for the work with investors. In personal account a potential investor can ask any question and get a prompt response.

further, the list of investment sites in the region will be expanded and updated.

– currently, resource assessment investment areaOK, the ability to connect to the municipal and engineering infrastructure, – said Ignat cocks. – The register of investment sites is one of the channels to attract investors in the Orenburg oblast. Positioning free resource sites, the region increases its investment attractiveness and new opportunities for investors.