In the Netherlands, a cat could be responsible for 325,000 euros worth of damage. Because the animal could have opened a tap. 

According to the city administration, a cat flooded the town hall in the municipality of Dokkum in the Netherlands. She is said to have caused damage worth 325,000 euros. 

The cat was discovered in the town hall of the Frisian community during construction work in May last year, broadcaster Omrop Fryslân reported on Friday. Since it was not possible to catch the cat, the building was temporarily closed. 

The cat then probably opened a tap, which initially caused water to draw unnoticed into furniture and walls and also leak through the floors into the basement.

The damage was so extensive that some of the employees had to work temporarily in another building. Some of the walls and floors even had to be replaced. At the local council meeting on Thursday evening, councilor Bert Koonstra presented the final bill of almost 325,000 euros. “The insurance will pay the damage,” he said. “So we can now close this cat dossier.” 

It could not be proven beyond doubt whether the cat was actually responsible for the water tap being opened, as no one observed the animal doing so.

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