Scandal-plagued British ex-Prime Minister Boris Johnson is reportedly planning to run again for the post. The Times and Telegraph newspapers reported this on Thursday, citing unnamed sources, after Prime Minister Liz Truss, who had come under pressure, previously announced her resignation Times.

Johnson, who was forced to resign in early July after the “Partygate” scandal and many other scandals, still has a loyal supporter base in parts of the party. In polls among party members, Johnson did well again recently. Besides Johnson, the most promising candidates are all well-known.

Treasury Secretary Jeremy Hunt, who enjoys the support of the party’s centrist wing, could prove a competent unitary candidate. After his appearance on Monday, during which the former businessman almost completely overturned Truss’ tax package, he has been described by some as the “de facto” prime minister.

The 55-year-old former foreign and health minister was defeated not only this year, but also in 2019 in the race for party leadership. Hunt, who speaks fluent Japanese, is considered to be particularly resilient but not very charismatic.

Rishi Sunak is also traded as a possible successor to Truss. Former Treasury Secretary Sunak was clearly outperformed by Truss in a member survey in the summer on the successor to Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who had resigned at the time. However, he had repeatedly warned against the tax plans, which first caused the economy and then Truss to skid.

With the knowledge that he was right, Sunak should go into a new bid for the post of party leader and thus also prime minister strengthened. According to a recent YouGov poll, the 42-year-old has the best approval ratings among potential successors.

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Penny Mordaunt, who had to answer questions from the opposition about the tax and economic debacle on behalf of Truss on Monday, is considered a good speaker. In 2019, the Brexiteer became Britain’s first female defense secretary. Some see the 49-year-old Royal Navy reservist as a possible compromise candidate for the divided Tories’ presidency.