New rules extend the self-isolation does not replace the previous, they are in addition, and passes workers will be automatically extended to may 31, – the Deputy noted. – In case of change of some parameters will need to be updated, but the bulk they are automatically extended.

Golovchenko said that before 31 may in Moscow, prohibited mass meetings, closed shops (except for those that sell commodities), cafes, beauty salons and other similar institutions. A trip to the city is possible only with a digital pass.

Employees that may 12 come to work, have to take care of the pass, tying him to the machine room, the card “Troika”, “Arrow” and social security cards.

the Procedure for obtaining digital passes for single trips remains the same: you can get them twice a week and for travel to medical facilities and volunteer activities – every day.

According to the Deputy, the rules in respect of travel tickets will remain the same. “All the interests of Muscovites in this case met,” he said.

tickets, which from March 30 to may 31 was made not more than 15 trips in public transport, after may 31 will be extended or exchanged.