Roberto Martinez (46), it would be this week, normally, with the Red Devils, from saudi arabia to stay there against Switzerland and Portugal, in practice with a view to the european CHAMPIONSHIP. Instead, it is the coach’s home, including a video interview to our newspaper. Because we wanted to make sure she is a coach, like when he, like the rest of us, a “moment of light” should have to go through?

the First to come as a surprise. Roberto Martinez is staying with his wife, Beth, and children, Luella, 6, and Safiana (8 months) and in Belgium (where he works), to Scotland (where his wife originates from) or Spain (his home country). The head coach is in his own house in England, near Manchester, england. But there was a special reason for it.

“It’s a two-hour drive from the family-my wife is in Glasgow,” explained Martinez, off. “We’ll be able to, her parents don’t visit, but want to be close to us. Both of them have not yet been affected, but they are in the ‘at risk’ because they are over the age of 75 years. Beths mother is a cancer survivor and my father has had open-heart surgery is behind us. That is, we can’t risk it. We are in a rural area. For our daughters is that it’ll be ok.”

Is there anyone in your family been affected?

“Who knows? I just read a study from the university of Oxford. More than sixty percent of the people can be carriers of the corona virus. Many people don’t know it, because they have no symptoms. Take a look at Marouane Fellaini. He was in Dubai and didn’t even know that he has the virus when he was in China as well. There is no one in our family who has the symptoms, but the virus was much closer than most people think.”

do you Have any fear of your family or friends in Spain, which has also been badly affected?

“My parents have been completely isolated from the surroundings. They see no one. My sister has been there for them to eat. We have, as a family, fortunately, quick action, and our parents are quickly informed. They are self-disciplined. Let’s just hope that it continues.”

How do you feel in this situation?

“with A mixed feeling. So far, so close to my family, it was a very pleasant one. It is, however, a little bit of a lesson in the history of mankind. We have come to the conclusion that we should be applying the brakes. Enjoy the little privileges that we have. Now that we realize how lucky we are if we are to be able to come and go as we please. We all get a lesson in responsibility, in the field of study. We have to be vigilant for ourselves, but for others as well. For Belgium, it is meaningful to you. There is a lot to be told about a divided nation, but now, we prove that we can unite when it’s needed.”

“I think it is, on the other hand, it is unlikely that the human race in 2020, it is not capable of such a pandemic is to be avoided, not even in control. We can do almost anything, such as this video interview to keep. We have armies and go to war, but we are not prepared to deal with. At the same time, we need to have respect for the medical staff to make it grow. But we all have to leave to respond to it. We have carefully studied what happened in China will happen.”

When do you think this is?

“This is a crazy situation. This speculation is utterly pointless. That causes only stress. The priority is to keep everyone safe and secure. Deadlines is not a smart move. We know it’s not. It’s much more important that we protect ourselves against such a pandemic. We need to learn from this experience. I just saw a clip on how Bill Gates ‘ of this in 2015, it predicted. No one took him seriously. Maybe we need more people with the vision to listen to. The Gates had already been proven.”

How do you spend your days?

“I’ve got enough work to do. I have been doing a lot of video conferencing. It is amazing what the internet does. If this were ten years ago, it was done, it was a bit different. Now you can play games with your kids, things will look up, to look at things and what you want to do… It’s just incredible. I would like to join. I see a lot of games. I highly recommend the site in. You can be any race you want and it’s available for free. (excited) , all the matches of the Red Devils. Even in the world cup in 1986.”

What are the games please? In the Cup Final with Wigan in 2013, has won with Manchester City, for example? Or is the win of the Red Devils against Brazil at the world cup two years ago.

“no, No, no, no. I watch the matches, but it is emotional to avoid. This morning, as I have, for example, for the FC Barcelona-Real Sociedad on december 12, 2010 and looked away. 5-0 to Barcelona, spain. In order to study in Barcelona when it was played. I’ve got a long list of matches I want to see it. This afternoon, I’m going to Europe for the rest of the world. In a game in 1973 in Barcelona, to be played. That’s why I was curious about it. I do have other things, too, you know. I’m going to be regulated away. Also, with the family, walking, hiking, doing yoga,… this is how we use our energy. I want to make my daughter a few lessons, but I have big feet.”

have you Had contact with Lukaku, Castagne, Hazard, Courtois… the Belgians, who have been in quarantine or is there?

“Sometimes directly, sometimes indirectly. We have followed mainly by the club’s medical updates as to our players.”

What do you think of Koen Casteels, who’s actually training with Germany? That is, it is still objectionable to you?

“Every football club has his own reality. I’m sure they know what they are doing. But it is an odd state of affairs. The club offers plenty of action, but they have to come out of the home, and be able to get a virus to carry it.”

What are your plans with the Red Devils?

“The union shall provide the period of time from 1 to June 9, the international soccer tournament. Then it will be a stage race. If it is, then we can do that. The union recommends that the postponed matches of the march-to-play. We will not do so, as provided for in the united arab emirates. I can imagine that, in Switzerland, belgium, Portugal and Croatia, where the matches are also going to need.”

do you really think that such a stage at the beginning of June and can continue following it?

“I don’t know. However, we must be prepared for that.”

Is it not confusing to have it all? In september it will start you up with the Nations League, which for the first time ever) in september of 2021 will be will be played. Before that, in march of 2021, the qualifying round for the world cup 2022, it starts in the summer before, do you guys even have a CHAMPIONSHIP. These are three of the competitions to each other.

“It seems to be difficult to find, but it is not. We are able to deal with it. We just play every game to win. Each game is in and of itself. We will continue our momentum. The push-out of the european CHAMPIONSHIPS, it is easy to understand, but also a little sad. We are well-prepared. You could tell that it would work, and that they were ready to start. Therefore, it is to be regretted.”

do you Say letís be honest: if you’re not worried about the defense? At the european CHAMPIONSHIPS in 2021, are Kompany and Vermaelen are 35 years old, Vertonghen, 34, respectively. Alderweireld has been with is 32 and the youngest of the defenders.

“No, I’m not really concerned about them. Everyone wants to be me into it but I think it is. Of the four that you mention are unique to the players. That is, they are still high quality, it is a sign that they are superprofessioneel it. Kompany, Vermaelen, Vertonghen and Alderweireld are all the time because they are the best. No, because there is no talent in na is. There is plenty of talent in Belgium. We have Boyata, who, ever since the world cup proves that he is capable of when it is needed. Now with Hertha BSC. Mr. it is to be the captain of the Lyon, that is, but also what to say. Dendoncker plays a central defender for Wolverhampton. Vanheusden is on the rise. Cobbaut has the right profile for a position in a driemansverdediging. Mechele has proved at Real Madrid, PSG and Man United is that he’s level can do it. No need to be worried. Really, it isn’t.”

More about Roberto Martinez, a Practical question is: what about extending the contract of head coach Roberto Martinez, and now the european CHAMPIONSHIP will be postponed to 2021? Roberto Martinez, on the establishment of the european soccer CHAMPIONSHIP: “In a historic european CHAMPIONSHIP in 2021” head Coach Roberto Martinez wants to be the technical director and continue to be, financially, everything, almost, around head Coach Roberto Martinez is not afraid of the EC, without Eden Hazard: “Need us, do not have to worry about that”