Several players in the FC Copenhagen squad have it hard in the corona-crisis, the whole world finds itself in.

One of the ones who are the hardest hit, Carlos Zeca, who is sitting in a situation, which goes straight into the stomach of any family man.

Europe’s borders are closed, while most of the flights are cancelled, and, therefore, can the captain not be together with her two daughters in this difficult time, where he sits alone in Copenhagen, while the children live with their mother in Portugal.

I am the manager, Stale Solbakken, is also conscious of the mentally difficult situation, many of his players find themselves in.

“There are some players who have been hit hard. The players, who are far away from home, both friends and family, which is located in some of the areas that are most vulnerable,” said the Norwegian coach for FCK TV on the club’s website.

on Wednesday it was in the organization of division determined that Superliga mandskaberne can start training again in small groups, and with specific guidelines to avoid the spread of infection, and the opening has great significance for several of the players in the hovedstadsklubben.

“It is a social aspect to be able to see his teammates, and thus not feel alone, and we try as far as possible, to forge links between us by means of among the other skype, when there is not trained. We have a social responsibility to the players,” says Stale Solbakken in the interview.

Carlos Zeca is accustomed to being separated from his two daughters, and suffer great privation, but when a global health crisis continues, makes it more evil than usual, he explained the other day in a session on the club’s Facebook page, where he answered questions from the FCK fans.

“It is very hard to be away from my family – especially my daughters. I know that they are in good hands, and I speak with them every day, but I miss them very much, so I am really looking forward to see them again. We skyper and facetimer much,” said FCK-captain.

And just Zecas difficult situation did, that I am the manager invited the captain home to dinner with the Family Solbakken.

“I even had Zeca home to dinner with us the other day – with two meters distance. He is in a situation where he can’t see his children. We must all try to take care of each other and get as good a life as possible within the guidelines that are laid.”

Carlos Zeca has in the past in a great interview with B. T. explained how he is now through the four years has had to deal with missing daughters in his everyday life.