“Sky News” journalist Deborah Haynes posted a video on Twitter of the enormous masses of luggage.

Some passengers would have had to travel without their luggage, but they work closely with the airlines, according to a statement from the airport. Current announcement: Within two days they want to send their luggage to the passengers.

The situation is currently chaotic at other airports as well. For example, Gatwick Airport near London had to reduce the number of flights in the summer, also due to a lack of staff.

Regarding the situation in Germany, the Federal Ministry of the Interior recently pointed out that Düsseldorf Airport in particular was affected by a lack of staff, as the “Handelsblatt” reported on Wednesday. Currently there are “selective waiting times at air security checks.”

In addition to Düsseldorf, there is also a waiting time of more than 30 minutes to a lesser extent at the Hanover, Frankfurt, Cologne and BER Airport locations.

Two young men approached a police patrol on the A6 in the Ansbach district with an unusual request: the two had taken two women with them in their car, who, however, behaved extremely revealingly while driving.

In Düsseldorf, a girl bangs on the window of a car at night. It’s locked up. Luckily, local residents heard the knocking and alerted the police. She acts immediately. When the mother comes back, she is very drunk.