it’s All about the coronavirus and unfair marketing, experts say.

In 2020 against the background of the pandemic in the fashion industry, U.S. residents were more likely to buy bunkers, reports The Verge.

Only in the commune of xPoint on the territory of the former military base in South Dakota buy in the average bunker a day. One such dwelling “in case of Apocalypse” is about 35 thousand dollars.

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the selling bunkers businessman Robert Vicino there is a village of the silos in Europe. Here shelters are designed for very wealthy clients. The price of one bunker luxury reaches 8 million dollars. It is equipped with a sauna, swimming pool and bullet-proof walls.

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Bunkers in case of “third world” in Europe and the United States began to actively build during the cold war. But nowadays, some businessmen and enthusiasts build their own shelters in case of possible or imagined disasters.

a Few years ago a Texas company Rising’s said that for several months after the election Donald trump President of its business for the sale of bunkers increased by 500-700%. Statistics show that the growth in demand for bunkers in the United States is observed after the seasonal “scene” of the disaster — floods, tornadoes and hurricanes.

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