The free time of those Who, in these times, just go out, find it immediately. A lot of people choose to bike, to what to keep on the move. But what are some of the best bikes on the market. What do you look for when you buy the product? And what is the budget you have to make? A bike, for every profile

in Order to make an informed choice, and to be able to make it, of course you have to be aware of what you do with your bike, it will do so. The Wannijn, Cycling, Jowan: “Must have your bike and only ride bikes on weekends, then it may be a lightweight fitness bike will be enough. The bike is for daily transport, then you are more likely to come from a city bike. May be, the more challenging-or more, then you end up with the racing bike, a mountain bike, or gravelbike. Of course, there is also a choice between electric and non-electric.”

Fitnessbikes for the ultimate in relaxation

Fitnessbikes are ideal for anyone who wants the bike and is only used for the so-called ” weekendritjes’. It’s light and nimble bike with a straight handlebar and slightly wider tires than a racing bike. This way, you can also be on the poorer soils such as cobble, comfortable bike.

Fitness bikes are a bit less expensive than a city bike. Starting at 600 euros, you will have a high instance of.

The Wannijn

The Wannijn: “Fitnessbikes are a little less expensive than the bikes. Starting at 600 euros, you will have a high one. If you choose a carbonuitvoering, then it will be much more expensive. Keep an eye out properly at the position. If you’re in a upright position just, it is such a more position to take some getting used to. You also have to make a choice, or a front suspension for you is a must, as that is what adds weight.”

Which will be limited to the weekendritjes, does not have a set of lights or other accessories as needed. That’s what makes the bike lighter. The Wannijn: “the Stevens Bikes, a very wide range of fitnessbikes. They pull the string through to make a city bike, but there is a hub in a fixed, fenders, lighting, etc. as far as fitnessbikes can I be sure that the brands are Stevens Bikes, Specialized, or Cannondale recommend this to anyone, as deCannondale Treadwell 2 Remixteof de4X Lady of Stevens Bikes, both at around 700 euros.”