In the long distance trains passengers will measure the temperature

non-contact infrared thermometers are equipped with all the long-distance trains, including high-speed trains “Sapsan” high speed train “Lastochka”. This reports the press service of the holding “Russian Railways”.

the report said that the devices capture heat radiation of a human at a safe distance and record the rate. The integrity of their work is checked before leaving the train for the night.

“Measurements of temperature are carried out immediately after the departure of the train, the frequency recommended by doctors and depends on the distance of the trip: at least once per flight, if a train is in 5 hours, and at least twice a day, if the trip is longer. At the passenger’s request the procedure can be performed in addition”, – underlined in the message.

it also notes that if someone from the passengers to feel unwell, and the temperature is raised, at the nearest station to it will invite health care workers. Before arrival of doctors, the train crew will observe all instructions and precautions according to the established rules.

the holding company said that no less stringent safety requirements apply to the employees of train crews, monitoring of health status, which is constantly before the flight and directly in the way. “All employees who interact with passengers before the beginning of the day the temperature is controlled. In any symptoms indicating a deterioration of health, they headed home to call the doctor and diagnosis”, – stated in the message.

cleaning of the trains, reports the press service of “Russian Railways” is held at least 4 times a day, and after each flight in the depot held a special compulsory treatment with the use of disinfectants active against viruses.