Today in St. Petersburg, the head of the Kremlin will take part in celebrations marking the breaking of the blockade of the metropolis sealed off by German troops in January 1944. Experts expect that Putin will use the speech for a big announcement.

Russian President Vladimir Putin will give a speech in St. Petersburg today, Wednesday. Experts reckon he’s using the speech to make a big announcement. It is possible that Putin will announce a new mobilization or officially declare war on Ukraine, since there is still talk of a “military special operation” in Russia. FOCUS online will accompany the speech for you in the live ticker.

The occasion: 80 years ago, the Russians broke the German siege of Leningrad – Putin’s hometown. And according to military experts at the US Institute for the Study of War (ISW), Putin could use this speech for a major announcement. According to ISW researchers, Putin likes to choose historically important dates to make important announcements to the Russian people.