In the largest dock of Sevastopol began on the repair of the cruiser Moscow

the Flagship of the black sea fleet guards missile cruiser “Moskva” opened in the dry dock in Sevastopol for repair of corps and service. About it “RG” told the head a press-services “the 13th shipyard black sea fleet” of the Ministry of defense of Russia Sergey Gorbachev.

Yesterday “Moscow” delivered to the North dock, which is owned by the Sevastopol branch of LLC “Remkor”. The firm provides dock services, and the work carried out by the specialists of the 13th shipyard – said Gorbachev.

Repair work on the missile cruiser is scheduled to last for 60 days. In total they employ about 400 experts repairmen.

– Representatives of almost all departments of the plant will work for two months – said the Director of the 13th shipyard black sea fleet Alexander Yuriev. – In parallel with the dock repair will occur service of the ship.

the Crew will remain on Board and will interact with the workers at the organization of work, to ensure explosion and fire safety, said the company.

the North dock took GRKR “Moscow” for the first time in decades previous repairs housing was in a floating dock.

– Previously, dock repairs of the cruiser “Moscow” held in the floating dock PD-30 in the vicinity of Trinity Bay, – said Gorbachev. But once in Murmansk crash occurred with plavdok PD-50, it was decided to limit the use of floating docks and repair ships such as “Moscow” to carry out on other sites. North dock meets the criteria.

the Dock is on the North side of Sebastopol, its length is 290 meters. This is one of the largest dry docks in Russia, in Soviet times, tried to repair aircraft carriers. Previously, North dock belonged to Sevastopol marine plant, but then moved to private hands. In the summer of 2019, ex-Governor of Sevastopol Dmitry Ovsyannikov said that the North dock structures transferred to the United shipbuilding Corporation (USC).

Repairs on GRKR “Moscow” continues for several years. Discussed the issue of modernization in Sevastopol, and enterprises of the Northern fleet. In June of 2019, he went to sea from Sevastopol for testing after the repair of the main power plant.

Since the end of September 2015, the cruiser “Moskva” headed by the operative connection of the Russian Navy in the Mediterranean sea, performing support base FSI Russian in Syria (on the armament of the ship are 64 missiles anti-aircraft missile system s-300F “Fort”). After November 24, Turkey shot down a Russian su-24, was patrolling the coast of Latakia and Tartus, covering the attacks of the Russian pilots. For this assignment, the cruiser “Moscow” awarded the order of Nakhimov. In January 2016, the ship returned to Sevastopol and never left the base.

With��dressing “RG”

GRKR “Moscow” (formerly “Glory”) is the first of three cruisers project 1164 “Atlas” standing on the Russian Navy. Was built at a shipyard in Nikolaev. Entered service in late 1982, and in February of the following year is included in the composition of the black sea fleet. NATO was given the nickname “the killer of aircraft carriers”. Designed to attack large surface ships and enemy forces, air defense, anti-submarine support groups. Body length – 186,5 m and width of 20.8 m. Full displacement – 280 tons 11. The crew of 510 people. The maximum speed of 32 knots (59 kilometers per hour).