CHELYABINSK, 30 Jul – RIA Novosti. 4 more new cases of coronavirus infection found in the Kurgan region for the day, among the cases – the medical officer of regional hospital, said Thursday the regional oberstab to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

“Was 4 new cases COVID-19. Three cases of contact residents of the village of Deulino Kargapol district, one health worker Kurgan regional hospital”, – stated in the message.

According to the Director of the Department of health Larissa Kokorinoj in connection with revealing of cases of a health worker to conduct the necessary activities. “Now in regional clinical hospital is a complex anti-epidemic measures, final disinfection. All contact persons undertake the tests. Within two days the situation will be clear. After we perform the study at the contact, a decision will be made” – the words quoted Kokorinoj in the message oberstab.

She said that from April 30 to may 2, routing patients to emergency medical care will be conducted in Kurgan hospital ambulance on the individual profiles, as well as in Ketovskiy district Central hospital.

On April 30, in the Kurgan region contracted coronavirus 49, recovered 11 cases. Under observation are more than 1.3 thousand people, including 282 contact, removed from observation for the last day of 117 people.

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