In the Krasnoyarsk region created three Observatory to undergo quarantine

the Latest data on the inspection of the Krasnoyarsk region residents on coronavirus published CPS. It is reported by the GTRK “Krasnoyarsk”.

Now in home quarantine are 510 people. More than 1,200 were examined, the results are negative. In the region confirmed a case of infection. Four Krasnoyarsk citizen — under suspicion. They are in the infectious Department of the hospital ambulance. Tests sent to the Novosibirsk laboratory. Today should come results. New cases no.

Today, in the entire hospital has been quarantined. In addition, the decision to make of Krasnoyarsk sports and recreation complex “Forest” hospital for those who have returned from abroad. Here they pass through a two-week quarantine under the supervision of doctors. While the hospital is empty. In total, the region has already prepared three of the Observatory, but operates one in Kansk.

the Situation in the shops of the region is stable, everything works normally. In shopping centers regularly conduct additional decontamination of trolleys and baskets.

In the region with round the clock hot line at the center of medicine of accidents. Her number: 8-800-100-56-53.

Text: GTRK “Krasnoyarsk”