Neighbors Rose Sabitova cottage settlement complained of leading the program “Let’s get married!” to the police due to the fact that she left beside the road with garbage bags, the newspaper reports Come on call the law enforcement officers fined the star.

It is known that Sabitova currently lives in a luxury village in the Moscow region, where the residents adhere to strict rules of residence. About the incident the presenter told myself on his page in Instagram. According to her, the neighbors did not like that the road near her plot was put up with garbage bags. Vigilant inhabitants of the cottage settlement Sabitova complained to the police. As a result, the TV presenter was fined.

It became: what lives look like outside of the screen, the presenter rose Sabitova

Teleshko explained that he had broken the rules at the request of the truck driver. He allegedly asked to leave bags of rubbish by the road, because he could not drive up to the house of the presenter due to the large pit on the roadway. In relation Sabitova was drawn up. Later she admitted that now will be to store waste in the car until not come the garbage truck.

Earlier, as reported Rambler, rose Sabitova volunteered to reconcile the reported divorce humorist Garik Kharlamov and actress Christina Asmus. This presenter did not rule out that the separation of the stars is nothing like “HYIP”.