A hotel manager discovered an uninvited guest on a ship in Bavaria. Eventually the police and fire department had to take care of the problem.

An uninvited guest caused chaos on a cruise ship in Bavaria. On Tuesday, May 14th, an Austrian hotel manager discovered a snake in his office. A colleague assumed that the animal was poisonous. This emerges from a press release from the Kelheim police, which is available to the Donaukurier.

The ship made an emergency stop on the Main-Danube Canal near Kelheim. The snake was caught by the police and fire department and taken to an animal clinic.

There it turned out that the animal was not poisonous at all. Instead, it was a dice snake. According to the German Nature Conservation Association, it is “the rarest and most endangered snake species in Germany” and can grow up to one meter long. It is harmless to humans.

The snake probably came onto the ship with a delivery of flowers. She was released back into the wild at a suitable location.

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