In Scotland, where a father and a twelve-year-old son are currently missing, two bodies have been found. The bodies were in the Scottish Highlands, where the two were hiking.

Police have found two bodies while searching for a father and his son who were hiking in the Scottish Highlands. Two bodies were found during the search in Glencoe on Wednesday evening, police said on Thursday morning.

The bodies have yet to be identified. However, the relatives of the 49-year-old and his 12-year-old son have been informed. According to “Thenationalscot”, there were no suspicious circumstances.

The couple’s car was found in a parking lot in the area, the British news agency PA reported. They had been hiking there on Tuesday and were supposed to be back home in the English county of Cheshire on Wednesday.

After the discovery of the two bodies, Scottish police announced that investigations were ongoing but that the circumstances were not suspicious. “Our thoughts are with all those affected,” said Inspector Craig Johnstone. The police also thanked the emergency services and mountain rescuers.

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