In the Galapagos found 30 giant tortoises, which will help to revive extinct species

Experts for the protection of nature found on the Galapagos Islands 30 giant tortoises. Scientists found 11 male and 19 females. According to experts, the reptiles descended from two extinct species — arlingtonsky and tortoise. The last representative of abingdoni tortoises was Lonesome George, who died in 2012. Scientists moved the reptile to the kennel on the island, transfers TV channel “Russia 24”. Experts suggest that brought the turtles to the island of pirates and whalers.

“We had a 10-day expedition, told scientists. — As a result discovered 30 tortoises on Wolf volcano to the North of the island of Isabella. 29 of them are genetic descendants of the extinct species from Floreana island, and one of them is a young female turtle, descended from the extinct tortoises from the Islands of Pinta. This will allow us to continue to work on a program of breeding in captivity. We hope in the near future to revive the two extinct species of turtles”.