Actress Amber Heard is suspected of perjury in a London court. In 2020, she claimed to have donated $7 million she received from Johnny Depp. Now, under cross-examination, she admitted that that wasn’t the case with the total amount.

In their divorce, Johnny Depp paid his ex-wife Amber Heard $7 million on the understanding that she would stop making domestic abuse allegations against him. Heard then publicly promised to donate part of the money to a children’s hospital in Los Angeles. The other part should go to a civil rights organization.

However, in her cross-examination at Monday’s defamation trial, Heard admitted that wasn’t the case. She didn’t donate the full amount as they needed a portion for Depp’s lawsuit against her. She couldn’t pay “because Johnny sued me for $50 million in March 2019.” But in the defamation trial between the British newspaper “The Sun” and Depp, she said under oath in 2020 that she had donated the entire sum. So Heard may have committed perjury in court.

In the current defamation trial, the head of the civil rights organization recently testified how much money the organization actually received. Dougherty said they only received $1.3 million in donations. $500,000 of this is said to have been transferred by Tesla boss and Head’s ex-boyfriend Elon Musk, $350,000 by Heard, $100,000 by Depp directly and other money from an investment fund. He couldn’t say what happened to the rest of the seven million.

Depp has sued Heard, to whom he was married between 2015 and 2017, for $50 million in damages. The “Pirates of the Caribbean” star accuses the 36-year-old of having seriously damaged his career with false allegations of domestic violence. The background is an article for the “Washington Post” from 2018, in which Heard described himself as a victim of domestic violence without naming Depp.

Heard has responded with a counterclaim against the 58-year-old, demanding $100 million in damages. She accuses the actor of violently attacking her. Depp denies the allegations.

Actress Amber Heard is to be cross-examined by Johnny Depp’s attorney Camille Vasquez on Tuesday. In court, Heard admits hitting Depp when he attacked her and her sister. Depp’s lawyer also reads from love letters in which Heard apologizes for hurting Depp.

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