In the Federation wanted to distribute free products

a Deputy of the State Duma Sergey Vostretsov proposes to cancel the tax burden on products that are manufacturing ready to transfer for free to the needy.

The legislative initiative of deputies of the State Duma Sergey vostretsova and Nikolay Valuev – to abolish VAT and the profit tax on food (except alcohol and tobacco products) that be transferred free of charge to vulnerable residents, has been discussed for several months. But in the present circumstances such a decision should be taken without delay, says Sergei Vostretsov.

He recalled: stores continue to throw away expired products for disposal. 17 million tons of food waste per year. "Although it would be logical and correct for a few days prior to the expiration date to distribute food for free to those who need them. However, the system of taxation that will be a loss to those who are willing to share because the entire transmission even at a charity-based goods will still have to pay income tax and a VAT," notes Vostretsov.

According to Rosstat, referred to by the Deputy, in the past year below the poverty line was more than 20 million people in Russia. Now, in connection with problems on the labour market, they do not become less. According to conservative estimates, to charity products that will help approximately 2.75 million vulnerable citizens. "Therefore I propose to make a decision immediately, without the bureaucratic red tape", – said Sergey Vostretsov.