First Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on social policy Valery Ryazansky commented in an interview with RT submitted to the state Duma a draft law on employment size of the minimum wage for Housewives.

“the Motives in support of the Housewives understand. This is the norm this kind of social support payments, which we have not practiced. This question will require discussion, it will not be simple,” he explained.

The Senator noted that all the measures that were used in support of the families concerned, for example, support for children, parents with many children and for older people, as said in Ryazan, has its own support system.

“Those who are engaged in the household and it does not belong to any of the categories, which are used in the state is considered favorable, for example, a large mother, or a father who takes care of the children or their families, these categories we have separate social plan is not supported. It was the function of the family, so the discussion on this subject will be”, — concluded the MP.

Earlier in the State Duma introduced a bill on employment size of the minimum wage for Housewives.

It is noted that the allowance will be given to people involved in “running a household to his family.” Under this document includes, home cleaning, cooking meals, and caring for children and elderly parents.

The draft law stipulates a number of conditions that you must follow to obtain money. For example, the allowance is only entitled to one member of the family, to qualify for funds only if the size of per capita family income not higher than twice the subsistence minimum in the region.