In the Crimea declared wanted who escaped from the quarantine patient

– the patient was laboratory-confirmed diagnosis, but we need to hold a certain number of laboratory studies, only if the suspicion can be removed, said Penkovsky.

Photo: Peter Kovalev/TASS Escaped from under quarantine coronavirus, the lady recognized healthy

She said that the court decision about the search was made five days ago.

the government of Sevastopol “RG” reported that the city had identified the facts of 2019 coronavirus-nCoV. However, there is a Protocol in which patients with symptoms of acute respiratory diseases, recently visited China, should be placed in quarantine for 14 days. During the incubation period carried out three tests for the coronavirus. The two first sample from the patient was negative and then she left the clinic without waiting for the results of the third test. That’s why she was reported missing.

According to the news Agency, diseased – citizen of Ukraine living in Sevastopol. After a trip to China, the girl has a fever, so she was hospitalized.

Previously, the Department of health Sevastopol distributed a checklist for patients, which reported that the disease caused by a coronavirus 2019-nCoV, like SARS occurs, however, in many cases, goes into severe pneumonia. The virus is transmitted by airborne droplets and by contact, for example, through touching dirty hands to the eyes.

Photo: EPA-EFE/TINO ROMANO the Total number of cases of coronavirus in the world reached 87 thousand people

OSNthe basic symptoms of mers are fever, cough (often dry), shortness of breath, muscle pain, fatigue, feeling of stuffiness in the chest, diarrhea. To determine the virus is impossible, because the symptoms coincide with the symptoms of SARS. So the best thing to do in case of illness, to seek medical help, said the Agency.

it is also Noted that through the parcel from China to be infected with coronavirus – a virus in it simply will not survive.