Nearly 5,000 members of the army afford to Corona-crisis service. You will support the staff in hospitals, help out at the border guard, to procure drugs and Medical supplies. Home you may not expected until after Easter.

The reward is great – the gratitude and the respect of the population and small at the same time. As per day, the recruits receive just four francs, soldiers five francs, corporals, six francs.

No way to get money

That’s barely enough time for the little things from the Kiosk, which could make the working day a bit more pleasant. And: To your own money, the soldiers are not, at present. Due to the holiday barring namely you have no way of finding an ATM visit.

Now the military is responding: How to army spokesman Daniel Reist confirmed to be paid the troops deployed per capita and per day for five francs more. And retroactive to the date of mobilization. The approximately 12’000 poor families, in the education service, and in the WK, get this Boon, retrospectively, the 20. March 2020. However, the solder increase is limited in time: Shall be repealed the ban on leave and can the service provider back to the ATM, ends of the Boon.

Coronavirus: Send your Greetings to the soldiers,

Generally speaking, the more Pay for the soldiers, the SVP national councillor David Zuber Buhler (40) calls. “The Wages have been adjusted for the last Time over 30 years ago. It’s been much too long. The money is hardly enough to consume the output of a drink,” he said recently to a VIEW.

The Pay there is cash in Hand

After all: The five francs that are now in addition to help immediately. Because their Pay the army members are still in cash, in a small yellow envelope.

And where’s the five, should not be missing the best device Because the soldiers are fed throughout the week, so even on their days off, in the barracks, the troops of the kitchens for two more days à 8.75 francs per head in the cash register.