the capital of the Kuban during the excavations in the Central part of the city, scientists have discovered the foundations of houses of the late XIX – early XX centuries and unique matschie burial age more than two thousand years. This was told in a press-service of administration of Krasnodar.

Comprehensive work underway on the corner of them. Gray and Guard from the end of April. In the future the plan is to break the square. According to authorities, the artifacts found will inspire interesting ideas for its design.

– Like the archaeological investigation of the urban layer in Krasnodar, we had the first time more than 200-year history of the city, – said the head of the expedition, senior researcher of the Krasnodar state historical and archaeological Museum-reserve them. Once Nikolay Shevchenko. – Was investigated by a very significant area adjacent to Yekaterinodar fortress. It turned out that during the nineteenth century there was no residential area – it appeared only towards the end of the century. This is due to the fact that here was situated the Esplanade space, which was attacked with shot from the walls of the fortress.

Among the most rare finds of well – preserved septic Ekaterinodar of the early XX century with a system of wells and modulations. The scientists also found a Herakleian amphora of the fourth century BC, a hoard of silver coins of the time of the 1917 revolution, Yekaterinodar ceramics, a button from a British military uniform and rare conifers revolver French system lefoshe (the first production revolver in the world, which was adopted by the regular army). All the artifacts in the near future the specialists will be revealed and restored, and will then pass to the Foundation Museum.


Previously on the corner of them. Gray and Guard was square, the square of which stood a monument to the legendary pilot of the great Patriotic war . More than 10 years ago the station dropped out of municipal ownership. The copyright holders has been changed several times: discussed the plans for the construction of residential high-rises, the office center. In 2019 a land area of 0.25 hectares was returned to the city. On behalf of the head of Krasnodar will be further developed by the project.