“Yandex.Rover” designed for the delivery of parcels and documents. He builds the route, recognize obstacles and people. What are the prospects for the use of robots in Moscow?

The six-wheeled machine in black, white and red colors went on the evening of 7 July, near the underpass on Malaya Dmitrovka street.

A robotic courier “Yandex.Rover”. It is designed to deliver different cargo and correspondence. With Nov tested it in the office of “Yandex”, and at the end of April, he was delivering documents and parcels between offices in the center “SKOLKOVO”.

“Yandex.The Rover” — unmanned. It is able to recognize people, animals and objects. Robot inspects them, moved with the speed of a man and ride only on the sidewalks, well-versed both day and night.

Robotic couriers are already working abroad, but in Moscow, their existence will be difficult, the analyst of the market of robotics Anton Burakov.

the Anton Burakov, market analyst robotics

“the American postal service FedEx has such robots and an entire town in Arizona, where they already go, and the Chinese, too, and they even sold. The purpose of all standard, they two – or four-wheeled, protected, tamper-proof case, which transports food, products, goods, toys, mail, parcels, letters, and opened either by barcode, or by using a mobile app. It can bypass obstacles, some modifications of distinguished people, you know, he came to the customer or not. Prospects for the use of such a robot in Moscow is doubtful, because, first, in Moscow there are no good roads for small wheeled vehicles. The second is the vandalism and discovernet, it’s almost the same thing. Vandalism — it’s just some hooligans or drunken will to push it, and discovernet — people will be interested with this robot to take a picture, touch it, maybe stop, sit on it. And, third, our weather. Naprimre you remember, recently there was a flood”.

It is expected that in the future robots-couriers of “Yandex” will use on the territory of large warehouses and shopping centres.