Federal scientific center for research and development of immunological products to them. M. P. Chumakov, Russian Academy of Sciences plans by early August, 2020 to complete preclinical trials of its own vaccine against coronavirus, and in January of 2021 to finish its clinical trials. On Sunday, June 21, announced the General Director of the center Chumakov, corresponding member RAS Aydar Ishmukhametov.

According to him, the center is working to create televizionnoi inactivated vaccines against coronavirus infection. Ishmukhametov noted that such a vaccine is correct, because at the moment there is no information about which fragments COVID-19 right to use. In addition, the technology for creating vaccines consist of whole has been used for several decades.

“Plan by early August to complete preclinical trials of its own vaccine, and in January 2021 after successful completion of clinical trials we can talk about large-scale production of vaccines, for which we have our own production” — leads TASS words of the Director of the Center.

He added that before releasing the vaccine to the market, you must first spend it a serious test.

on June 18 it became known that an experimental vaccine against coronavirus introduced 18 volunteers in Sechenovskiy University.

the same day other trials of the vaccine started in the military hospital named after Burdenko. The drug is introduced 18 volunteers, said the Ministry of defence.