In the case of Michael Ephraim took an unexpected turn. According to the hints his lawyer, the actor decided not to plead guilty. The main argument is that – and anyway, someone saw it Yefremov was driving at the time of the fatal accident? Why the artist made this decision and what does this can have his close friend, the actress “Contemporary” Darya Belousova?

On Friday afternoon the lawyer Elman Pashayev, representing the interests of the honored artist of Russia Mikhail Yefremov, said that his client has declared his innocence in a deadly accident in Central Moscow. It happened before the next interrogation at the interior Ministry, which was caused by Efremov.

“More anything I will not explain – this is premature, that is the crime he did not commit”, – said Pashayev.

In an interview with “RIA Novosti” the lawyer said that Yefremov he wanted to help the victims, “but this does not mean that he in any way guilty.” A more detailed explanation cited Telegram channel Life Shot: “Yefremov has never admitted guilt, what with his participation was completely an accident. If he wanted to help the injured party, it means that part of his car was made of fatal accidents. He so wanted to help the injured party and the injured party this made the dirty business, source of income and dirty show.”

Lawyer Alexander Dobrovinsky, who represents the opposite side – of the family of the deceased Sergey Zakharov took a surprise announcement Pashayeva as an attempt to prove that the accident occurred due to technical malfunction of the machine.

“the Opinion of Mr. Ephraim at odds with the testimony of the expert that his car was fully in good condition”, – said the lawyer.

However, it is worth to mention that this statement is Dobrovinsky has not yet been confirmed officially. We only know that the car still is under examination in the Ministry.

TV presenter Ksenia Sobchak has suggested that France “has decided to build its defence on the fact that on any camera, not Ephraim at the wheel at the time of the accident.”

“But only before and after. Now the prosecution will need to prove who was driving,” wrote Sobchak in the Telegram.

Chairman of the Presidium of the Collegium of advocates of Moscow “Zhorin and Partners” Sergei Zhorin reminded that not officially known the results of numerous examinations and “besides, no one saw Yefremov came out from behind the wheel”.

“We do not know the condition of the car Ephraim. You need to establish a causal connection between the accident and the death of the victim. Suddenly Zakharov died because was not wearing a seatbelt? Suddenly one of the neighbors wanted to help and moved it after the blow, and it was impossible to do… Also in the theory of the cause of death could be error doctorher. The investigation should carefully examine all the options. Maybe the new position of Ephraim is not happened”, – says Zhorin.

The lawyer also commented on the version of “Komsomolskaya Pravda” and other publications that at the time of the accident in the car the actor was an actress of the theater “Contemporary” Darya Belousova (the media called her the mistress of Ephraim). Zhorin does not exclude that the actress was in this moment behind the wheel and Efremov at first “trying to shield her.”

“Very often it happens that the passenger and the owner of the vehicle was trying to shield the real culprit accident”, – he explained the newspaper VIEW.

(A similar story will remind, the Director Eldar Ryazanov is used in the 1982 film “Station for two”). As for the most Belousova, it is this version not confirm or deny. From the time of the accident from communicating with the press, the actress evades.

Zhorin speculated that Ephraim could affect the behavior of relatives Zakharova. “When they refused to accept and apology, and compensation from Ephraim, he changed his position – and will now prove innocence. In addition, his decision to insist on his innocence could be just emotional,” said Zhorin.

Meanwhile, the decision Ephraim provoked a strong reaction on social networks – mostly angry. TV host Vladimir Solovyov in conversation with the newspaper OPINION noted that the lawyer Pashayev “does everything that the little that was left of the reputation of Michael Ephraim was finally destroyed.”

“Driving under the influence, fatal accidents, possession of drugs – all felonies,” – emphasizes the warblers.

The presenter believes that this case is about the ethical side does not have to say.

“When such citizens as Efremov, first publicly repent and offer to adopt children they murdered man, and then claim that he was misunderstood and repented it turns out, because it is not he, but his vehicle was involved in a murder”, – says Soloviev.

“This kind of strategy, he was not guilty, because supposedly wasn’t behind the wheel – will not work, because there is sufficient evidence to the contrary, – said in comments the newspaper VIEW lawyer Oleg Sukhov. – And now appeal to the fact that there is evidence, but they are indirect – not exactly the right position because, as a rule, it never works. Indirect evidence that Yefremov was driving, enough they turned into one straight”.

It is noteworthy that by Friday evening, after the interrogation at the interior Ministry, the lawyer Pashayev has tried to disavow its own statement made the day.

“I didn’t say that he refused the plea. A question about this in the course of interrogation did not rise. Mo�� the defendant admits that he had an accident with his car. And he is ready to help the relatives of the deceased as a believer and a good man,” said he.

The lawyer confirmed that Ephraim in the time of the accident was inside the car, but declined to answer the question about who was driving.

“there Might be 10 people were, maybe one. Particular person responsible for a particular act,” said Pashayev.

“Yefremov said that he recognizes his guilt. His car was present in an accident and the fault of this machine killed people. But there are certain times they are not linked with the technical condition of the vehicle or examination. There are certain facts,” hazy said the Pasha. The wife of the brother of the deceased Sergey Zakharova Tatiana said that the family doesn’t want to stoop to the level Pashayeva and comment on the fact that Yefremov changed his mind to plead guilty.

As previously reported, the evening of 8 June a drunk Efremov on a personal Jeep Grand Cherokee drove into the oncoming lane in the centre of Moscow and crashed into a van whose driver courier Sergey Zakharov died later in the hospital. Against the actor opened a criminal case on violation of traffic rules (article 264 of the criminal code) in the state of intoxication and fatalities. The actor, who was found sane, is under house arrest. The relatives of the deceased demanding for the actor’s maximum term. Because the examination revealed blood Ephraim traces of drugs, was opened case under article about illegal sale or shipment of the drug (228.1 of the criminal code), which Efremov is a witness.

In a recent public appeal Yefremov asked the relatives for forgiveness Zakharova. He also assured that he would not “otmazyvatsya” and to use connections, to mitigate his punishment. He promised to help the family of the deceased driver of “by all means, if you accept.”

About the novel 56-year-old Ephraim with 36-year-old Belousova became known the next day after the tragedy. It is known that Efremov officially married to 48-year-old musician Sophia Kruglikova. However, it is in the apartment Belousova in Barracks lane, the artist took refuge in the first days after the accident – and only then by the court, went under house arrest in Plotnikov pereulok, at his residence.

Details of the relationship of Ephraim and Belousova was revealed in the broadcast of the program “You wouldn’t believe!” (the channel “Russia”), the guard house of the actress. It is known that Belousov after the fatal accident was sitting in the car of the actor Sergei Garmash, who arrived on the scene immediately after the accident, to support Ephraim. Neighbors began to see Ephraim apartments near Belousova since last fall. By the way, Belousova – from an artistic family, she was the daughter of the actor “Lenkoma” Vladimir Belousova. In 2010 he married his colleague Shamil Iglesias – younger brother H��of LAN Khamatova. But in 2018 Belousova divorced him.